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IIM-A incubation platform to invest in 50 new start-ups over a year

CIIE.CO, Ahmedabad’s incubation platform, said on Wednesday it will invest in 50 new start-ups over a year. The would be across sectors and focus on technology, digitisation and sustainability.

“Over the next 12 months, we are committed to investing up to $100,000 each in 50 early-stage . We aim to continue to build our deep-tech portfolio across some of the exciting white-spaces, including digital therapeutics and diagnostic-pathology in the health-tech segment,” said Vipul Patel, partner, seed investing at CIIE.CO.

“We are also looking at investing in breakthrough-solutions enabling decarbonisation, and enterprise-grade solutions powered by generative AI, amongst others,” he said.

CIIE.CO said it has advised more than 5,000 entrepreneurs, helped 1,200 start-ups and invested in 350 of them. In 2022, it invested in 70 pre-seed and seed stage start-ups. CIIE.CO’s portfolio raised more than $50 million in follow-on funding last year. Its portfolio of start-ups include Agnikul, IdeaForge, Biosense and PerkinElmer.

“We are also excited about investing in sectors such as gaming and the creator economy that cater to millennials and younger generations as they seek unconventional work opportunities,” said Patel.

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