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HCLTech launches service to help companies use metaverse for customers

IT services company on Wednesday launched a service that enables enterprises to provide with real-time and immersive experience of the .

Metafinity will serve financial services, retail and consumer packaged goods, high-tech, telecom, manufacturing and life sciences and healthcare . It is available on the metaverse, SAP and Salesforce.

The service uses HCLTech’s blockchain platform called COTRUST and Blockchain Tokenization Framework (OBOL) to deliver capabilities for enterprise needs. It allows backend integrations ranging from blockchain, cloud, data and artificial intelligence (AI). The company said the service will help create a new virtual world comprising an intersection of different digital technology disciplines such as human interface, blockchain NFTs, 3D content creation, etc. under one umbrella platform.

is consistently investing in developing augmented reality and virtual reality through digital platforms, data, cloud and internet of things (IoT) services. HCLTech Metafinity was born out of the need to provide expertise and accelerated development capabilities to enterprises at a time when industry reception to the is high and new use cases are constantly being explored,” said Anand Birje, president, digital business services, HCLTech.

The platform is built on the HCLTech XRStudio platform based on Adobe’s suite of marketing and web analytics products. It uses Adobe Target, Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Commerce to give marketers opportunities to reuse their marketing technology for brand messaging, personalized experiences and campaigns, HCL said.

“HCLTech is poised to provide the technical know-how to help our clients envision and realize unprecedented experiences for their . It is the latest output from our long-standing partnership with Adobe and together we will continue to bring innovative solutions to the table,” said Birje.

Metaverse generally refers to shared virtual world environments which people can access via the internet.

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