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Govt will set up a committee to review pension scheme: FM tells Parliament

on Friday announced that the Centre would set up a committee to review the Scheme (NPS) under the chairmanship of the . The committee will come up with a solution to the issue of pensions.

“Representations have been received that the System for government employees needs to be improved. I propose to set up a committee under the to look into the issue of pensions and evolve an approach which addresses the needs of the employees while maintaining fiscal prudence,” she said while addressing the Lok Sabha.

“The approach will be designed for adoption by both central and state governments,” she added.

The current national scheme, or new pension scheme, was introduced in 2003 and implemented on January 1, 2004. Unlike the old pension scheme, the was based on a contributory system, where the government provided the pension amount.

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It was introduced to provide old age income security in a fiscally sustainable manner and to convert small savings into investments.

In NPS, 10 per cent of basic salary and dearness allowance (DA) is compulsorily deducted from an employee’s salary, and the government adds the same amount to the pension fund.

At the time of retirement, an employee will be given back 60 per cent of this fund, and the remaining 40 per cent would have to be compulsorily invested as an annuity for pension.

Employees from several states have been demanding a change in the . Some states, including Rajasthan, Chattisgarh, Punjab and Jharkhand, have switched back to the OPS. Protests for the same are currently taking place in Haryana.

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