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André Moraes of PepsiCo Foodservice Digital Lab on Helping Restaurants Be Future-Proof

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“Data means nothing without insights. Insights mean nothing without action”

André Moraes, head of PepsiCo Foodservice Digital Lab has spent a significant portion of his career in the technology sector, including at Google. In his role with PepsiCo, he uses the expertise he has gathered over the years to optimize digital hospitality experiences.

The PepsiCo Foodservice Digital Lab is a free service that connects foodservice operators with the companies, services, insights, and solutions best suited for their specific digital and online needs. PepsiCo also offers ghost kitchen services and other capabilities.

“What’s in it for us is seeing that the Pepsi restaurants are successful and grow and benefit from all of the expertise and value that we’re able to bring them,” Andre Moraes said to Restaurant Influencers host Shawn Walchef of CaliBBQ Media.

Moraes and his team use data that ultimately leads to a specific action plan to help increase efficiency.

“You don’t have to invest hundreds of thousands or tens of thousands,” explains Moraes. “It’s actually about identifying the needs and focusing on the technology that’s the greatest enabler to your own strengths and to scaling what you have.”

That mindset of enablement is indicative of a culture at PepsiCo that permeates through to customers, but its foundation rests with PepsiCo employees. Creating a space where people are the priority has allowed PepsiCo to seek individuals that operate in a congruent manner, and has enhanced the experience for all parties involved.

“I’ve always been around Pepsi and around PepsiCo employees. And the teams here and hearing about it, but it’s another thing to experience the culture,” says Moraes.

Ultimately, the mission of PepsiCo Digital Lab is to close the gap between client and business, customer and company, to create true partnerships.

“It’s really about the partnership.” says Moraes. “The vision and mission of the digital lab has always been, and continues to be the success of our restaurant customers.”



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